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Look at her now, here she comes. She's all grown-up, fine & sexy. The girl's a Diva!
She don’t need no bling, the girl don’t need a thing!

And she’s eyecatchilious!

A Voice for Those Who Cannot be Heard

Craig is well-known for his heartfelt songs at candlelight vigils for missing children and children of divorce at the Whitehouse in Washington D.C., the US Capital, Florida’s capital, media interviews, and various functions that raised awareness for families of divorce and abducted children. Craig’s dedication and passion to improve the lives of children and families affected by divorce and abduction brought the talent and support of Clyde and many others. 

Mr. Deanto is an ASCAP Publisher/Writer and has been a voting member in the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc, was honored to be on the 46th Annual Grammys nominating ballot eight times, holds numerous song copyrights, and is an Electronics and Pro-Audio Recording Engineer. He has become known as a legendary artist in-his-own-right. Craig’s acoustic song “I’ll Bring you Flowers” is trending in Europe.
The “BrickHouse2” song can be heard and its download may be purchased at: www.CDBABY.com and at your favorite online music streaming/download retailers such as: AmazonSpotifyiTunes, Apple Music, and many more. To learn more about the production of the “Who Hears the Cries” CD: www.CRAIGDEANTO.COM

To the fans who have been eagerly awaiting more information, please stay tuned to this website for updates on the coveted release and debut of “BrickHouse2”.

No matter what anyone may think, no matter what they may say, no matter what they do, “BrickHouse2’s” beauty is up to you. Just open your eyes, look around, and there she is, she’s all over town.

Craig Deanto working on the recording, productions, and vocals of BrickHouse2 in the studio at GoldTone Records®
Grammy award winning Walter “Clyde” Orange of the Commodores® and Craig Deanto in Walter’s studio working on “Who Hears the Cries”.

Craig singing for the missing children and families of divorce at the White House.

Email: GoldToneRecords@craigdeanto.com

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Craig Deanto composed “BrickHouse2” which is a completely new, from start-to-finish, world-class Pop R&B production with a touch of old-school blended with today’s sounds and recording techniques. Inspired by a close friendship with Grammy Award winning Walter “Clyde” Orange of the Commodores®, it’s finally here, four decades after the iconic original song first hit the airwaves!

Clyde Orange is the vocal on Brick House that we all know, love, and dance to in clubs world-wide. He produced Craig Deanto’s “Who Hears the Cries” CD and this legendary superstar graciously mentored Craig on the vocal techniques required for it. “Who Hears the Cries” was on the 46th Annual Grammys nominating ballot 8 times and debuted at Universal’s Motown Café® in Orlando, FL. Craig continues to engage and develop what he learned as he writes and creates songs in a mix of genres including the music, production, and vocals for “BrickHouse2” at GoldTone Records®. Clyde has an inspiring cameo speaking with Craig in the song. 

You never know what Craig might be thinking about – well now we know…
“I’ll Bring You Flowers”